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Tuckers   Americans have always illustrated compassion and strength in times of disaster. Look at how we responded to the attacks at Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001 (911). However, there are so many more examples of Americans extending a helping hand during natural disasters: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Great Flood of 1993, the Northridge Earthquake, and the California Wildfires.
Tuckers   While these examples represent disasters of epic proportions, there are localized disasters that affect American communities on a daily basis. These local disasters can result from flooding, downed power lines, mud slides, chemical spills, traffic accidents, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and train derailments to name a few. No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded!
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Truckers for Charity is comprised of outstanding citizens and volunteers that are willing to “go the extra mile” to help those in need. These owners and operators are committed to making themselves and their equipment available to save lives, prevent collateral damage, and restore order in what could otherwise be a very deadly and damaging situation.

Whether it's volunteering to help others or otherwise giving back to one's community, our truckers are examples of so many who take their time to give of themselves on the road – and in our communities.
Consider the importance of the trucking industry. Simply put: If you can touch an object, a truck brought it. Experts say that over 70% of America’s communities rely solely on trucks to deliver their goods. Therefore, if the trucks aren’t rolling, neither is our economy. Perhaps more importantly is what trucks do for people and communities in times of need. Trucks bring relief in the form of medical supplies, food, blankets, building supplies, evacuating people, and bringing first responders and volunteers to and from areas in need.
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